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Every time we get together with our friends we want to make our meetings unforgettable. That is why we want everything to be perfect: we want delicious food and vodka to accompany our heartfelt conversations. We like to pour our vodka out in frozen shot glasses. Still, as the party progresses, it becomes harder and harder to stand up from the table and set off to the freezer for a new portion of frozen glasses.


That is why it is quite natural that one day in the middle of the friendly chat one of us would desperately cry: How long?!!! — How long should we, not-quite-so-young-already people, be dashing to the fridge now and then?! Why couldn’t we have those frozen shot glasses right on the table?! Wouldn’t it be great just to push the button and receive a shot of cold vodka as if with a wave of a magic wand?! And the same magician would prompt us the next toast in case we ran out of them!


Such fantasies sparked the idea of creating our first Cool Phill. And since that our friendly get-togethers have become still more delicious and cheerful.


Such fantasies sparked the idea of creating our first Cool Phill. And since that our friendly get-togethers have become still more delicious and cheerful.


— What do you need our Phills for? — we ask them.


— How do you mean — “what for”?! — hoteliers answer. — Just imagine, we have guests who come to the front desk where they are met by Phill. They press the button, receive a cool drink — and their spirits are revived, and they like everything and everybody in our hotel.


— How do you mean — “what for”?! — restaurateurs answer. — From now on our customers can order vodka in Cool Phills rather than in grams or millilitres. Just imagine how much longer and merrier they will stay in our restaurant in the company of Cool Phill!


 — From now on, — the bartender says, — it will be not only me who entertains the customers at the bar. I will have an assistant — Phill who will entertain them and give them out drinks at the same time.


That is how our fantasy has been transformed into designing and producing Cool Phills. In developing new models our next step is to focus on Cool Phill’s game functions which will make friendly gatherings still more fun for all their participants.


If this project gives you some interesting ideas as to how to make such friendly get-togethers with Cool Phill more joyful and diverse, — write or call us, we are open to cooperation.

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    Every year we meet with friends ... - No, not only on December 31 - more often, although not as often as we would like. And since our meetings are infrequent, I want to make delicious "spiritual" conversations on the table and everything was delicious. And there must be vodka. And that the glasses under the vodka were frozen. But as far as the delicious feast is concerned, it becomes more difficult to run to the freezer, to change cups.

And it is only natural that one day, at the height of a friendly meeting, the voice of one of us - the hungry - howled? How long do we have to run to the fridge for the elderly? Why can not I have frozen cups on the table? And so that's it - clicked on the button - and as if by magic, a good wizard gives you a puff frozen with vodka cold. And yet, when you're too lazy and toast to invent - this Wizard and toast will tell.

    From such here are jokes and our first Kul Phil was born - that same kind Wizard. Fortunately, we had guys masterovitye, and they had time to make us Cool Cool Phil. And our gatherings became even more cheerful and tastier.

    It's clear that each of our circle of friends ordered himself and for Steep Phil. Then friends began to ask us to do Kul Filov for gifts - their bosses, bosses and just good people. But much more we were surprised when we began to receive applications for Kul Fil from hotels, restaurants, bars.

&mdash And then why our Phil? - we ask.

-- Well, why - say the hoteliers - the guest comes to us, and at the counter they are met by Phil. The guest clicks on the button, gets a cool drink, and the mood is different, and in our hotel he already likes everything.

-- What do you mean why? - Restaurateurs are surprised. - From now on our visitors can order vodka not in grams, in Kul Filah. And how much longer and more fun they will be in company with Phil?!

-- From now on, "says the barman," not only will I entertain visitors at the bar counter. I'll have an assistant - Phil. He will entertain and give drinks.

    That's how our table joke was transformed into a separate topic - the development and production of Kul Filov. The main direction of developing new models is the game function of the CF. We plan to make such models, with which the drinking meetings will be more and more cheerful and diverse. To the participants of the feast were focused not only and not so much on booze as on all kinds of fun games at the table.

    And if you have interesting ideas how to make the process of gathering with KF even funnier - write, call us, we are open to cooperation.


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