Cool Phill is not the thing you cannot do without — the same way we can do without climate control, orthopaedic shoes and a million other things which make our life more comfortable and joyful.

Cool Phill may turn an ordinary friendly gathering into a delicious and exciting process and you would like to repeat it again and again.

Nowadays it is hard to surprise anybody. Still, it is possible — do a practical experiment yourself: invite your friends who have never seen Cool Phill, dim the lights and ask one of your friends to press the button or knock on Cool Phill’s box, and then — just watch their facial expressions. And you will see that the grown men’s eyes light up, their mouths open while their hands are reaching out for a cold shot glass.

They instantly forget about their pressing matters and problems, everyone wants to partake not just of vodka, but of the joy of a new taste ensured by Cool Phill’s marvellous effects.

We have not named our device Cool Phill randomly.

The word “cool” has two main meanings:

    1.      chilly, fresh;

    2.      impressive, excellent.

The homophones of the word “Phill” in English are different words the sound of which you can here in the name of the device:

    1.      to fill: to make something full (e.g., a glass, a life, …);

    2.      to feel: to experience emotions (e.g., of love, joy, …) or sensations (e.g., of taste, fragrance, …);

    3.      the morphemes “-phil” or “philo-“ mean a liking for a certain thing (e.g., friendly get-togethers, cool vodka, …);

    4.      Phil is also a name of a good guy.