CoolPhill represents its owner’s style of life and emotions of those who use it. It is quite natural that our clients often ask us to customize the device in accordance with their wishes.

Depending on the volume and complexity of the order, we offer two levels of customization.

Level I — IMAGE

In conformity with your order we perform laser engraving of:

1.      the name or portrait of a person whom you intend to give Cool Phill as a gift and/or wishes and congratulations;

2.      the logo and/or slogan of the company;

3.      any other image you want to engrave on Cool Phill.

A highlighted image creates a wonderful effect which will be remembered for a long time.

A minimum order on this level is one Cool Phill.

When ordering ten Cool Phills and more, you get all the engravings free of charge.

    1.      gift givers;

    2.      hotels;

    3.      restaurants;

    4.      bars;

    5.      participants of exhibitions.

      Level II — SHAPE

This level offers a completely customized form of the device.

Depending on the client’s desires Cool Phill may have the form of a robot, some certain building, mechanism, tool, piece of furniture, etc.

The SHAPE level is popular with:

1.      vodka producers;

2.      development and construction companies;

3.      souvenir vendors.

A minimum order on this level is 500 Cool Phills.

Contact us for ordering Cool Phill or on cooperation issues.